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New Ideas in Braids Hairstyles for Black Girls

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For some of the braided hairstyles for black girls you might lack the correct or right name to give them and you decide to just call them beautiful, lovely, pretty because they truly are gorgeous. The black girl featured in the above image brings out a cornrow braided hairstyle which features both small and big cornrows.

The design of the cornrows make the braided hairstyles to look unique and beautiful indeed. The cornrows were braided to the scalp in straight lines running from the front to the back. When she reached the back of her head, she continued to braid the remaining hair to create those long beautiful braids.

The baby hair along the hairline was made smooth and sleek by applying some baby oil to it then smoothly styled using a small toothbrush. With this kind of braided hairstyle for black girls you will be rest assured of that delightful and remarkable look on your face.

It’s an exclusive and sophisticated braided hairstyles for black girls which you can wear to any formal occasion or any special occasion like a wedding, dinner or corporate meeting.

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