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About Lemonade Braids Styles

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Lemonade Braids: What are they?

Cornrow style braids, lemonade braids have become an increasing fashion trend. The name lemonade braids was inspired by the Lemonade album. The visual album featured stunning braids and hairstyles that have an antebellum appeal. A visual album is one where all the songs have a music video. Due to this, the multiple appearance of intricate and stunning braids in the music videos gave birth to the term Lemonade Braids. Add in great marketing and building anticipation for that long awaited album, Lemonade braids have become a hit since.

Beyoncé has always been daring especially with her hair. She has rocked everything from a short pixie cut to long braids. It seems that there isn’t something that she hasn’t tried yet. Most of these amazing looks are done by her long-time hairstylist Kim Kimble. Kimble is also responsible for styling Bey’s hair on the “Lemonade” album. She created numerous attractive hairstyles that involve braids. There is a range of varieties such as cornrows, updos and many more. Kimble makes it a point that her choices are historically relevant.

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